Egg Run in Clay

Enjoy the pleasing shape and practicality of our sleek egg run,ensuring you always have eggs to hand, whether it’s for a deliciousvictoria sponge or boiled egg and soldiers.


This stylish wire egg holder is a brilliant way of storing anddisplaying your fresh eggs in date order. Every time your hens lay alovely egg simply add it to the run.


Carefully crafted from powder coated steel our egg run holdsapproximately 12 eggs and stands seamlessly on any kitchen worktop,keeping your eggs fresh and easily accessible. Designed with aconvenient and comfortable handle, ensuring effortless movability,making it easy to carry and position to wherever they look at theirbest, making sure your eggs will be proudly on display and you willnever have to waste one again!


Finished in Flint, you’ll be sure to find the perfect complementing product to match your kitchen ‘egg-xactly’.

Egg Run in Clay